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When the sun is out, surely you do not want to see fingerprints, smudges, nor mildew on your window. If you see one, you would really consider having your windows cleaned. However, in most cases, window cleaning leaves water spots and unwanted residues to dry on your windows. Often window cleaning misses out some parts like window sills and tracks, having a little water or dirt to accumulate on them.

Our Quality Control Techniques

One of Tommy’s Residential Window Cleaning services is to have sills and tracks cleaned. There is definitely no part of your window that Tommy’s can’t reach to clean. We make sure that all parts of your windows will be clean and clear, leaving no tiniest debris nor visible lines. Our techniques have never failed us nor our customers; a streak-and-gunk-free finish is guaranteed on your windows.

Nothing can brighten up your homes like what we do; we aim to relieve you of the dirty chore of cleaning your windows so you can use your time and effort to something else. We are here at Tommy’s to serve you best with the right tools and techniques we use to achieve a faster and better window cleaning. We use the trusted window cleaning solutions and high-end equipments to keep any kind of dirt and dust off your window parts.

Brighten Your House Immediately

Saving money is as big deal as saving time. You can spend an entire day cleaning your sills and tracks with any rags and soap available at home, but that might not get you anywhere nor make you feel it is worth it. You surely would not want to spend the whole day trying to get those deep-seated sediments and grime. You need us who will roll up those sleeves and clean your windows to leave you nothing but a crystal view on your windows even for a longer time!

Nothing makes a home shine and neat like Tommy’s Window Cleaning. Enjoy the clean and clear view out your windows!

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Commercial Cleaning

    Exterior and Interior
    High Rise Cleaning
    Ledge, Awning & Marble Cleaning
    Lime & Hard Water Deposit Removal
    Power Washing
    Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

    Detailed cleaning
    Mirror Cleaning
    Screen hand cleaned
    Sills and tracks Cleaning
    Specially Formulated Soap Cleaning

window cleaning San Diego

Why Choose Us?

Safe- Insured to $2 million dollars for your protection

Expertise- More than 35 years of window cleaning experience

Reliable- You are guaranteed we will arrive on time

Risk free- No worries, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We love pets!- Your pets are never a problem with us.

Green products- Our products are non toxic to protect your children & pets.


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